CALIWIDE BEAT BATTLE is a beat battle based on the West Coast. We are 3 groups (Beat Club Co-Op, Crush Congregation, Vers Musik Group) coming together to create a platform for what will be the largest Beat Battle in California. 
There will be 3 Preliminary battles in which the top 2 beat makers will advance in each region. This means, in Northern California,Central California, and in Southern California there will be 2 winners that will be advancing into the main battle in Modesto, Ca. There will also be a chance to be in the main battle from an online registration elimination process conducted by the 3 groups organizing this event. 2 people will be chosen to participate in the main battle from the online registration. You may enter any or all of the preliminary battles to advance into the main CALIWIDE BEAT BATTLE. 

For more information please contact: CALIWIDEBEATBATTLE@GMAIL.COM